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Frozen vs Fresh Spinach Equivalents. In the majority of cases, the frozen spinach is available in the 10oz. packages and you need to drain the spinach when you thaw the spinach. This is because spinach produces excess water. As far as the equivalency is concerned, the 10 oz. package of the frozen package is equal to one pound of raw or fresh.

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In a large pot, heat the olive oil on medium heat for 1 minute. Add fresh spinach leaves and cook for 3-4 minutes. (If using water instead of oil, no need to heat the water first.) Drain extra water/oil from the spinach using a colander. You'll be left with about 1 and 1/2 cups of cooked down spinach, which you can substitute for a 10-ounce.

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Freezing spinach makes it even wetter. This is why the frozen variety is perfectly suited to sauces, soups, or purees. If your dish relies more heavily on the texture or leafy appearance of spinach, you should stick to fresh. Celebrity chef Devin Alexander told Insider that he always has frozen spinach on hand for whipping up a lasagna (like.

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First, here is a list of general equivalents for your substitution purposes: 1 pound of fresh, raw spinach = 1 cup of cooked fresh spinach. 1 10-ounce package of frozen spinach = 1 ½ cups of cooked fresh spinach. 10 ounces cooked frozen spinach = 10 ounces (drained) canned spinach.

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Fresh spinach costs more money per ounce than frozen spinach. The cost for frozen spinach averages $0.12 per ounce and fresh spinach averages $0.16 per ounce. The difference in cost is more than the $0.04 difference per ounce because it takes 16 ounces of fresh spinach to equal 10 ounces of frozen spinach when cooked.

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10 ounces of frozen spinach is approximately equal to 1.5 cups of cooked fresh spinach. Fresh spinach tends to shrink when cooked, resulting in a reduced volume compared to its raw state. To substitute frozen spinach with fresh spinach, use approximately 2/3 cup of fresh spinach for every 1 cup of frozen spinach called for in a recipe.

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The convenience of frozen spinach certainly can't be overstated: It takes up a fraction of the space that fresh spinach does (since it is blanched and then compacted), keeps much longer, and is more affordable. It also can pack more nutrients than fresh because frozen vegetables are usually frozen at their peak, before nutrients have a chance.

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To prepare fresh spinach in boiling water, put 1 pounds of washed spinach, covered, into a small amount of boiling salted water. How to Substitute. Frozen spinach leaves. You can replace 1 packet (10-ounce) of frozen spinach leaves with 1-1/2 pounds of fresh spinach. Older spinach leaves.

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When using fresh spinach as a substitute, you can either cook it down before adding it to your dish or simply reduce the amount of added liquid in the recipe. For example, if the recipe calls for a cup of frozen spinach, you can use around three cups of fresh spinach and cook it down until it has reduced to the desired amount.

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2 cups of frozen spinach equals 1 cup of fresh spinach. Frozen spinach is usually sold in bags of 12 ounces each. This bag contains about 3/4 cup of frozen spinach. To thaw frozen spinach, place it in a colander and run cold water over it until it is completely thawed. Drain well and squeeze out any excess liquid.

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Swiss chard can also be eaten raw in salads, similar to spinach. Bok choy brings an Asian flair to dishes as a substitute for fresh spinach. Its mild taste and crunchy texture pair well with stir-fries, sautéed dishes, and soups. Bok choy's stems can be especially delicious when cooked, offering a satisfying crunch.

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This can easily be done by placing the frozen spinach in a clean kitchen towel or several layers of paper towels and wringing out the excess water. Once the water is removed, the frozen spinach can be used in the same way as fresh spinach. Another important thing to keep in mind when substituting frozen spinach for fresh is the change in texture.

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Instructions. Wash spinach and spin to dry in a salad spinner (or dab dry). Remove any long or tough stems. Place the fresh spinach in a large non-stick pan with olive oil over medium high heat. Cook, stirring occasionally until the spinach is cooked through (3-4 minutes). Cool slightly.

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Additionally, when using fresh spinach as a substitute for frozen spinach, it's important to consider the texture and cooking time. Fresh spinach cooks down significantly more than frozen spinach, so you may need to adjust the cooking time and method accordingly. Frequently Asked Questions about Fresh Spinach vs. Frozen Spinach 1.

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How much frozen spinach is 2 cups fresh? Vegetables. When a recipe calls for cooked fresh spinach, 1 pound of fresh spinach will yield 10-12 cups of torn leaves, which will cook down to about 1 cup. One package (10 ounces) of frozen spinach leaves yields about 1-1/2 cups after cooking.

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When it comes to spinach, the general rule of thumb is that 1 cup of cooked spinach is equivalent to about 10 cups of fresh spinach. So, if you're substituting frozen spinach for fresh, you would need approximately 10 cups of frozen spinach to equal 1 cup of fresh spinach. Keep in mind that frozen spinach can sometimes be a bit more compacted.